The Program

The Program

Transformation Boot Camp is a 4-week fitness program that combines scientifically-designed workouts with proven meal plans, nutritional education, and the very best in motivation to help our participants not only transform physically but to build a foundation for a fitness lifestyle.

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What Sets Transformation Boot Camp Apart?

Besides being one of the pioneers of non-military boot camps and having a track record of a decade in the fitness boot camp industry, we believe it comes down to some of our core beliefs and principles:

  • Positivity - Everything we do is centered around positivity from the way we talk to the way we move.  Our camps are never threatening, and we don't use negativity as a mover.
  • Teamwork - Instead of focusing on competition, we focus on working off of each other's energy and as a team. Our campers act as a team that pulls for each other, not as competitors.
  • Perfect Pace - No matter what your fitness level, we are the perfect pace for you.  It's our Perfect Pace Principle. We encourage you to work at your own pace to create sustainability.
  • More Value - From support systems like our "Learn it for Life" audio series and pre-calculated meal plans to our metabolic-boosting workouts, we can't be beat. Check out our camper tools.
  • No Contracts - While some boot camps make you sign a 6-12 month contract to get their “lowest” rates, we are contract-free at TBC.  Enjoy attending on a month-to-month basis.
  • Results - In the past decade, we have carefully crafted one of the most effective, long-lasting, results-oriented programs in the entire fitness boot camp industry. Read our success stories.

If you are looking for drill sergeants and competition, we are NOT for you. However if you want to be challenged and motivated while reaching new levels mentally and physically, we are for you!

What type of person attends a Transformation Boot Camp?

For 10 years now, we have stayed true to our course - create an environment where everybody is welcome.  Our participants include first-time fitness enthusiasts, elite athletes, and everyone in between with goals such as weight loss, body fat reduction, improved health, increased strength, better endurance, and improved sports performance.   At Transformation Boot Camp:

  • We are not a camp for those that want to gossip for an hour instead of work.
  • We are a team that works together, has fun, but gets to work and gets results.
  • We are not a military camp that will yell in your face and belittle you.
  • We are motivators and will move you through positivity and energy.
  • We are not a camp where guys run around without shirts beating their chests.
  • We are a boot camp that is 100% professional 100% of the time guaranteed.

So if you are looking for an organization that provides a quality environment, expert coaches, and a proven track record with over a decade of success stories, then Transformation Boot Camp was made for you.  This is truly a place where you can come as you are no matter if you are in the worst shape or best shape of your life.  You will be welcomed, you will be challenged, and you will get results!

What is the investment in Transformation Boot Camp?

Our investment schedule is based on whether you are a new camper or a returning camper and how many months you commit to the program.  We also offer couples and family plans for members of the same family living in the same household.  Our schedule is as follows:

  • New Camper Rate is $179 / camp (4 weeks) - If you are new to our program, we ask that you enroll in our signature 4-week program at one of the start dates on our calendar. This will ensure that you get the very most out of your transformation experience.
  • Returning Camper Rate is $89 / camp - All of our returning campers enjoy a discount with our ongoing membership.  Our membership automatically enrolls you for each 4-week camp on an ongoing basis for just $89 per camp.  You can cancel your enrollment at anytime.  No contracts.
  • 6-Month Commitment for just $74 / camp - Returning campers may choose to commit to 6 consecutive 4-week camps by investing in our 6-camp package.  The 6-camp commitment is due up front and only comes out to $74 / camp.  It's the ultimate commitment!
  • Family Discount (2 people) just $49 / camp - We offer a 2-person family discount for returning campers with the same last name living in the same household.  The first family member pays regular price, but the second is just $49 / camp.
  • Family Discount (3-5 people) just $179 / camp - We offer a family discount for up to 5 returning campers all with the same last name and living in the same household.  It is just $179 / camp for all family members combined.

We are also so confident that our program works that we offer a Money Back Guarantee. If you follow the Transformation Boot Camp formula by attending every class, following our meal plans, and using our tools for an entire 4 weeks and you still don't see any results, we will refund 100% of your money no questions asked.  That's our promise to you - you either get results or you don't pay a dime.

What all does my enrollment include?

Your enrollment includes 4 weeks of unlimited metabolic-boosing, body-sculpting workouts at any of our locations.  Yes you can attend any location at any time!  You also get access to all of our unbeatable camper tools and resources which include valuable tools such as:

  • Tool #1 - Initial and 4-week Assessments to Measure Your Progress (onsite)
  • Tool #2 - Balanced Meal Plans with Over 100 Meals to Choose From (e-book)
  • Tool #3 - Learn it for Life Audio Series to Teach You Diet Independence (online)
  • Tool #4 - The 7 Keys to Unlocking Stubborn Body Fat (downloadable e-book)
  • Bonus Tool #1 - The TBC Ultimate Success Planner (downloadable e-book)
  • Bonus Tool #2  - Dieting’s Top 10 Dos and Dont’s by Mike Thornton (e-book)

As you can see, Transformation Boot Camp is more than just workouts.  It's a program centered on giving you the tools that you need to transform your mind, transform your body, and transform your life. So if you are ready for your own personal transformation, we absolutely have a place for you!

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